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Guaranteed Plan That doubles Your Money in short Term

There  are 64 insurance companies in India (life/ non life/ general/ health)

Lets say for an example,  we earn Rs 100 per annum as salaried person or as self employed person

then as per income tax slab  we will be paying  a tax of 30 % , ie, Rs 30 of Rs 100 earned and hence only Rs 70 will come into our pockets
Out of Rs  70, lets say we  have expenses of  around  Rs 50
Then with how much savings are we left with ?
Rs 20 !!!

Now, generally , you or me or anyone and everyone would  invest this saved money of Rs 20 into various  financial tools like  real estate property, mutual funds, FD, RD, KVP, IVP, Sukanya Scheme, NPS, ELSS, life insurance, health insurance, Post office,  jewellery, gold, chit funds, kamaty, PPF, ULIP, NSC, EPF  to avail tax savings benefits  under section 80 C, 80 D etc

All these financial instruments have their own pros and cons like lock in periods, tenure, pre- maturity withdrawal or  redemption or surrender penalties etc, how ever some these instruments even fail to provide tax savings under section  80 C, 80 D etc

In fact, some of these  instruments come with LTGC ( long term  capital gain ) and do not offer tax free maturity under section 1010 D at the time of maturity and the interest gained on your savings becomes taxable

and hence you would be paying a tax of  30 % again on the interest  gained on your savings
Though you already paid  a tax of Rs 30 initially  as per income tax slab , it makes no sense to pay dual tax on your   savings of Rs 20 which was left out of your  hard earned money of   Rs 100 

Hence I suggest to go for a savings plan which offers tax  rebate under section 80 C and under section 1010 D too
This is possible once you analysis your need/ milestone of life , monthly disposable income or budget,  tenure (long/ short term),  money back/ dividend option or lumpsum return  and most importantly guaranteed returns or non guaranteed ???
 As discussed, since your goodself is looking for a guaranteed option, I suggest and highly recommend that you opt for Aviva Wealth Builder

Online payment link :


For reference No.,  please call 9971486715

Aviva wealth builder is an Life insurance plan that doubles the total amount of premiums paid and returns it as a lump sum at maturity, guaranteed. Life cover is an additional benefit.

Type of plan      : Endowment Non participating (Non bonus based)

Returns              : Fully Guaranteed

Refer Reviews at :




This product beats FD and PPF as Rate of return (ROR) is guaranteed and fixed at 6.8 % and never changes while ROR of other instruments like  FD and PPF changes every year and every quarter as it is decided by Govt of India

It also doubles your money and is fully guaranteed
it also caters to inflation on maturity
The ROR is not changed which is an advantage over FD and PPF
It also offers life insurance and  risk cover
It  offers tax  rebate under section 80 C and under section 1010 D too  and the interest is tax free

As per rule of 72, it is a perfect plan 

In finance, the rule of 72  is  method for estimating an investment’s doubling time

  So if you want your money to double. 72 / 9 = 8 then 8 saal me @ 9% se apka paisa double hoga  

Recommended Product  : Aviva Wealth Builder

Please find illustrations which mentions  PT  (policy term ), and  PPT  (premium paying term)  and doubles your money with guarantee along with stamp of the company


As per rule of 72, Aviva Wealth Builder doubles money in 10 yrs (pay 5 yr, wait 10 yr total 15 yr tenure) at 6.8 % which is highest ROR in comparison to  all 64 insurance companies in India, FD of any bank  or PPF


You can Opt for MWPA (married women property act)  .

To cover your life insurance policy under MWP Act is very simple and inexpensive process. Every policyholder can adopt this route to protect his family and does not have to spend any additional money for the purpose. 

MWP Act: Make sure your dependents get insurance policy proceeds

Married Women’s Property Act 1874 (MWP Act) was created to protect the properties owned by women from relatives, creditors   

The policy is particularly helpful for the families of businesspersons who have highly leveraged businesses (businesses with a high component of loans). In proprietorship and partnership concerns in case of a loss, the owner/s of the firms have unlimited liability. This means in case of winding up of the business or in case of a loss, the creditors (those who have provided loans in the form of money or material) have the right to sell all the assets of the owners and their families like land & buildings, jewels, cars, artistic collections, savings in life insurance, mutual funds, bank deposits, etc to recover their money.  

However, the creditors cannot access the life insurance policy covered under MWP Act. Thus, the policy creates an immediate asset for the dependent family members, which they can enjoy for sure.

Also in case of a death claim, the policy proceeds are received by the trust and cannot be claimed by the debtors nor will it form part of the estate of the proposer. Hence, the welfare the wife/child/children are protected with utmost care.

There is lack of awareness. Not many people, even in the insurance industry, are aware of the provisions of the MWP Act.   

You can also go for a medical cover for health related issue and critical illness cover if required for your goodself and your family

 BEST suited for architect, film distributor, lawyer, interior designer, small & medium enterprises, exporter, doctor etc.

it is also BEST for parents with special child needs.
USE – medical negligence, loan pay to creditors
BENEFIT- creates an asset class free from GARNISHEE ORDER – encumbrance free estate – court or income tax etc cannot seize it !!

Please feel to free to contact for any query

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