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Savings For Children’s Education and Marriage

Child Plan For Education and Marriage

LIFESTAGES in a human’s life are as follows :-

1  Childhood
2 Married
3 Married with no kids
4 Married with young child
5 Married with grown up kids
6 Pre -retirement
7 Retirement (golden years)

Lets talk about childhood

What is your child’s dream job ? How to Land Your child’s Dream Job ?

These questions always bother us.

We even say or think to ourselves .its not just a job –   IT’S MORE THAN A JOB – IT’S THE FULFILLMENT OF A DREAM…

In today’s dynamic and competitive world, economical and political scenarios are radically changing. World is becoming a global village and almost all countries are developing radically an economic front.

Any job or field or career option recruits people who want to be the best – who really work with passion- who are committed to excellence.

Child’s education cost on mind ??

Want to see your child become : Engineer , architect, pilot, doctor, lawyer, cricket

Start saving per month today onwards while keeping INFLATION in mind

Which one is your child ?

  1. ‘I want to do what I love’ . Into music, animals, outdoor activities, fashion? Turn your child’s passion into dream job…
  1. ‘I want to do something I’m good at!’ Best at science, art, mathematics or languages? There’s a job out there that can make the most of your child’s talents…
  1. ‘I don’t know what to do’ . Don’t worry, many people feel the same. With little guide get to know your child  a little better…

Lets create your child’s  own success route

Savings Plan

Financial planning means different things to different people

It can be wealth creation, risk cover, critical illness, savings, retirement, children’s education or marriage, loan/ liability

Ask Yourself these questions

  • What gives you peace of mind
  • What gives you happiness
  • What is your biggest worry at this point of time
  • Are you committed to do something about the challenges you are facing now

While we all understand needs for insurance, seldom do we brave ourselves & take a step to fulfill the future needs of our family. We go about fulfilling all targets assigned by our respective bosses but what about the biggest targets in our lives? OUR FAMILY?

Have we taken the right step to make their future safe & secure?

A Mother carries her child for 9 months in her womb, A Father carries the responsibilities of
his child for the lifetime
Should you  keep spending on house rent   or should you spend a little more for buying your own house . If you want your own home ,  don’t spend on rent .

Plan with us  savings plan today

As we grow in life, we must increase our standard of giving more than the standard of living

The right investment can  change your life

Each one of us has fond memories of school days. It is where we learnt our first lessons of life and made friends. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that whatever we are today is because of the school we went to.
That’s why, when parents have to choose a school for their child, they want nothing but the best. But despite the dedication and love with which parents plan for their kids, their planning often falls short. Thus, creating need for a solution that can help secure their child’s future.

And this is precisely where we  come in. It not only guarantees uninterrupted education for the child but also helps provide peace of mind to parents.

We have taken initiative designed especially for parents to help them protect their child’s right to education. Its mission is to help provide quality education to every child.

Under this program, we partner with like-minded institutions that are as dedicated to this cause as we are. So that, together, we can provide parents a platform to protect their children’s education expenses and help children complete their education to realize their dreams.

This channel is dedicated to ensuring uninterrupted, quality education to school children:

  • Specialized product offerings designed to protect school education and provide funding for higher education
  • Opportunity for schools to support their parents and children with a differentiated offering
  • Specialized advice and guidance to parents on financial planning
  • Value addition to educators through workshops and training programs

2 comments on “Savings For Children’s Education and Marriage

  1. dinesh kumar yadav
    November 30, 2019

    you are fantastic for giving this type of articles wow

    • prernaji89
      June 27, 2020


      please cal
      11 am to 7 pm

      prerna jain

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