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Plan your golden years

Aviva Retirement/Pension Plans:

1. Aviva Annuity Plus
2. Aviva Next Innings Pension Plan
3. Aviva Dhan Samruddhi – The Dhan Samruddhi is a plan specially designed to allow you to meet short and long term needs. The plan gives you guaranteed cash back, liquidity, maturity benefit and rebate for a high sum assured.
4. Aviva iGrowth – The iGrowth policy has been designed to ensure that not only you but also your family can enjoy a secure future. It comes with 3 fund options, 3 policy terms and tax benefits.
5. Aviva Live Smart – The Live Smart is a unit-linked plan which allows you to choose between 7 fund options (from 100% equity to 100% debt), provides flexibility to choose the policy term and also make free partial withdrawals after 5 years.
6. Aviva Family New Income Builder – This plan makes sure you pay for 12 years and get the double of that amount over the next 12 years.
7. Aviva Wealth Builder – Achieve your dreams with the Wealth Builder Plan which will double the total amount of premiums you have paid and guarantees the return of the same, as a lump sum at the time of maturity.
8. Aviva Life Bond Advantage – This unique plan allows you the opportunity to invest a sum of money for a medium to long period of time along with Life Cover and the freedom of accessing your funds after 5 years.
9. Aviva Dhan Vriddhi Plus – If you wish to make systematic savings while building a corpus, then the Dhan Vriddhi Plan is right for you, which comes with 3 term payment options, along with tax benefits.
10. Aviva Affluence – This is a unit linked endowment plan which requires you to pay only for a limited term while allowing you to stay invested to meet long term milestones and maximize returns by choosing between 7 fund options

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