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We are the voice for voiceless furry friends


WE ARE THE VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS..  a voice for them articulating all the miseries they confront everyday. …PLS STAND UP .JOIN US IN THIS GOOD CAUSE…

remember .. Service to animals is service to god ..

When it comes to causes, I’m more inclined towards homeless dogs/cats – my kids and I’m trying to do a bit for them. I’m not even doing enough. But that’s my first focus right now. …

see this link. ..

Relatnships in Life Shud b Lyk Needles of Clock,No Matter if 1 is Faster or Slower All dat Matters is to b Connected.lets gift the society by securing them for any risk in future.

u r already associatee with my team in birla … v r pandavas who can beat any odd situation. earn rewards,tours,cash payouts.

Refer & earn bonus of rs. 8k.

u cn also donate fr animls fr anti vaccinatn drive. Lets celebrate festivls in the spirit of care & giving..

help stray & street animals in ur neighbourhood.

join aditya birla grp & bcum financially independent.U cn accomplish ur dreams fr ur own self& family.

if u cant help needy voiceless least dont hurt them-avoid leather fur & animal products. follow vegetarianism. instead of wasting money on balloons, colours on holi & wasting money on crackers on diwali & creating air,land,noise pollution.pls utilise that money & feed a hungry soul.

we   started NGO for animals, if you can help us n support us in any way you can we Would be great full to you – ORANGE CUB.
  As the name suggests the basic ideology of our NGO is to meet the basic needs of animals. it is an organisation
wherein we try to provide the strays with food , treatment, and shelter.
the main objectives of this organisation is to spread awareness among the people to help the strays and instead of buying pets or animals . they can adopt strays .also  stop eating non vegeterian. try  to be vegeterian and vegan .opt for  healthy life .

the orange cub, by prerna jain- blogger , is non profit group of volunteers working for welfare of stray dogs and street animals like anti rabies vaccination , food, mattresses for winters, medical care  etc

what can your donation do??? how can you help ?? how can you support stray dogs ??

1. everyday pedigree or drools dog food

2. milk powder

3. dog biscuits, dog treats

4. bread, eggs, milk

5. beds, blankets, bed sheets

6. gunny bags for winters

7. dog shampoos, collars, food bowls

8. dog house (also looking for dog house makers)

9. vaccination

10. sterilisation

11. dogs winter sweaters

12. medical care and medical supplies…..

if you can donate then pls do help ……

u cn transfr money in bnk or order online fr animls.

visit Or …

i m also animal lover. i m volunteering for many NGOs and hv rescued dogs in my areas and adopted them too .. if u join us then u cn earn and do charity fr clothes, food, shelter, sterilisation, anti rabies vaccination drives, medicines etc etc  of  stray and street animals who need ur help.. but sometimes u cnt help them becoz of money constraint..

do u ever wonder where the money comes from to ensure that pups settle into loving and caring homes. it does not always comes from govt or city funds? it comes from organisations like ours. but how do we get these funds? thats easy -through the financial and moral support of people like you… our society /ngo still needs to be registered under charity act and others in india… thank u in advance.. we appreciate ur support…

1)logo ko add kro.refer &get 8000 2)client bnao/policy sell.get commission,win contsts etc 3)Donate fr dogs fr anti vaccinatn driv.contribute fr needy voiceless

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