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Smart ways to identify hackers – Part 1

A burglar opening a safe that is a computer screen

A burglar opening a safe that is a computer screen


Credit card detail on phone

There are many advertisements sent by banks to avoid this issue. No one from your bank will ever call and ask for your credit card details over a phone call.

Any call claiming to be from the bank and asking for bank details is a red flag.

You should not share information regarding credit cards or net-banking with anyone over the phone, even if the caller knows a fair bit about you.

Key loggers

A key logger is software installed on a computer that records each and every keystroke you do on the keyboard.

A fraudster can find your login details for various sites, just by accessing the entire log of your key presses. Public internet cafes are an easy target to install these key loggers to get crucial information from unsuspecting users.

There is essentially no way to detect if a keylogger is running in the background so if you must use a public computer, avoid typing usernames and passwords on the keyboard.

Use virtual keyboards instead. Most bank websites have these. You can also pull up the onscreen keyboard in Windows and use that to input the username and password.

Windows 8 users can search for an on-screen keyboard in the start menu while older Windows users can go to Start menu > All programs > accessories > ease of access > on-screen keyboard.

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