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Excuse Me, Excuse Me Not !!

This article contends that saying “Sorry” or “Excuse Me” does not give one a license to walk over others.

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Author : Prerna Jain


Does saying “sorry” permits you to do  more mistakes ? Do you get permanent license to do all crappy shit ?  Oopsy, Sorry , My Bad , and again, repeat the damn faulty thing  !!

Once done – it is a error.

Twice done- it is a mistake.

Thrice done- it is friggin blunder.

Same way , does saying “excuse me” permits you to enter in “no parking zone”? I mean, Person-1 is already standing on Spot- X. Person-2 says “excuse me” and pushes the former and takes his spot, or, if kind , just pushes the former to pass the spot …  Is it okay ??

Yeah, it is totally helpful and useful as “ay” in “okay”.

You are hereby permitted to do what ever you want !! Wish granted !!

6 comments on “Excuse Me, Excuse Me Not !!

  1. mala
    September 3, 2012

    so true

  2. jackie
    September 3, 2012

    totally agree

  3. bheem
    September 14, 2012


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